Highlighted services

Siemens IOT 2040 SQL Cloud Gateway

  • Siemens IOT 2040 Gateway programming.
  • Enable a simple and efective gateway to store data on any cloud.
  • Realiable, secure, easy, SIEMENS.
  • Open a new way of possibilities with a powerfull Gateway.
  • Be ready for the 4.0 Industry.

Electrical engineering and industrial control

  • Ingeniería plano
  • Ingeniería de electricidad y control industrial 2
  • Ingeniería de electricidad y control industrial 3
  • Solutions for the automation of industrial processes.
  • Electrical design for machinery.
  • Programming for PLCs.
  • Programming for Robots.
  • Programming for user interfaces, touch screens and software for controlling processes and acquiring data.
  • Remote control and maintenance of facilities.
  • Energy efficient solutions for industry.
  • Industrial communications.

Electrical engineering and controls for mobile machinery

  • Enginyeria d'electricitat mòbil
  • Electrical design for machinery, based on facilitating the manufacture and subsequent maintenance of the machine.
  • Programming of the automatic functions of the machine.
  • Programming of devices with e1 certification (the certificate issued by the federal traffic office of Germany).
  • Programming of specific communication buses for mobile machinery (CAN J1939 for communication with diesel engines).
  • Telemaintenance and remote communication solutions.
  • Programming of diagnostic tools, based on PCs or tablets.

Industrial consultancy projects

  • Consultoría de proyectos industriales
  • Definition of production processes.
  • Optimization of the time required to resolve incidences.
  • Analysis of existing documentation related to the machine or industrial plant.
  • Standardisation of suppliers.
  • Definition of maintenance processes.